Employee Shuttle Bus & Minibus Rental

Shuttle employees with ease in a private bus rental from DHarris Tours. We’ll secure comfortable and reliable transportation for all of your employee transportation needs.

Why DHarris Tours?

DHarris Tours provides excellent service and professional shuttles to businesses of all types. Trust us to ensure that your employees travel safely and arrive on time to work every day! Our reservation team is available 24/7 at (415) 902-8542 to book the perfect minibus for all of your employee shuttle needs.

Long-Term Shuttles for Employees

That’s right! Beyond one-and-done trips and short-term rentals, DHarris Tours offers long-term contracts for ongoing employee shuttle services. Commuter shuttles are known to help reduce traffic and improve your employees’ productivity once they reach the office. Think about it—with a commuter bus at their disposal, they can spend less time stressing over traffic, and more time catching up on emails while on the road (You want WiFi? We can get you WiFi).

Whether your employees need a reliable ride to work every day or a temporary shuttle around campus in the midst of construction, we’ll be more than happy to arrange a circuit that fits your needs. Call (415) 902-8542 today to reach our long-term reservation team, and let DHarris Tours be your provider of safe and efficient daily shuttle services to your office!

Productive On-Board Amenities

Employees can get some extra work done on the road with WiFi and power outlets available by request. Your shuttle can also function as a collaborative mobile workspace, allowing employees to share ideas, prepare for upcoming presentations, and stay current on industry news while they travel. Alternatively, employees can take some time to relax on the road with reclining seats (also available by request). 

Easy Transportation to Meetings & More

Having a quick luncheon or meeting up the street? Book a minibus to pick up your employees from your office and transport them to any of your favorite nearby spots. Instead of separating into multiple cars, everyone can travel together and arrive right on time. Stay as long as you’d like—your driver will be ready to bring you back to work when you’re finished.

Getting Started

If you’re looking to rent a bus but you’re not sure where to begin, we’ve put together a few guides to help start your journey.

  • Start by reading our complete guide to charter bus rentals to find out why charter buses are a great option for group travel.
  • If you're feeling overwhelmed about the variety of bus types, check out our guide to choosing the best bus type for your group to see which bus you might want to rent.
  • Wondering about prices? Read our pricing guide to see what you can expect before you call and receive your free, personalized quote.


Our reservation specialists are available 24/7 to help guide you through the rental process. Give us a call today at (415) 902-8542 to secure transportation for your next trip!


Frequently Asked Questions

Your final cost will depend on what type of bus you book, how long you need the bus, when your rental period begins, and other factors. One of our reservation specialists will go over your cost in detail when you call to book.

Yes. We’ll just need to add two days to your reservation time, one at the beginning and one at the end, to wrap and unwrap the bus.

Aside from various minibus sizes, we can also offer sprinter vans for small traveling groups.

Yes! Just let your reservation specialist know that you need your bus to be a specific color. We’ll find one that’s perfect for you.

Most of the time, yes. Long trips and long-term contract deals will be priced differently than short-term trips, which are usually priced per hour.

Yes. A 5-hour minimum is required for all trips.

We always recommend booking as far in advance as possible, but 3-6 months is usually enough time for us to secure a bus that’s just right for your group.

Yes. Upon request, we can share pictures of your bus.

Yes. You will be charged a $250 cleaning fee if a mess is left behind, however.

You can book as many buses as you need. We specialize in creating unique, custom fleets.

Providing food and drink for your driver is recommended, but not required. If your trip spans multiple days, you’ll need to find overnight accommodations for your driver.

Drivers are not permitted to drive for more than 10 consecutive hours without taking a mandatory 8-hour break. You and your driver can negotiate break times prior to your trip, as long as they adhere to these guidelines.

We recommend tipping your driver 10-20% of your total rental cost to thank them for a job well done.

We offer a variety of amenities for you to choose from, many of which are available at no additional cost to you. See our list of buses or call one of our reservation specialists at (415) 902-8542 to learn more about amenities.

Yes. A 30% deposit is required to hold your reservation.

Your balance must be paid in full 30 days before you need your bus.

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More Questions?

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DHarris Tours is a charter bus rental service that operates in over 300 cities across the United States. With access to a variety of buses combined with superior customer service, we’ve got everything you need to schedule your next big trip. We can accommodate groups of all shapes and sizes, making us perfect for corporate events, convention transportationevent shuttles, movie and television productions, weddings, sports teams, field trips, campus tours, church trips, and more. Have any transportation questions you need answered? Call us 24/7 at (415) 902-8542. We’re happy to help.