Movie Production Shuttle Bus & Minibus Rentals

Keep crew members organized on set with private transportation from DHarris Tours! We’ll make sure everyone travels around set efficiently to meet call times and keep your production running.

Why DHarris Tours?

DHarris Tours is committed to providing safe, efficient, and reliable transportation for your movie or television production. We book full-sized motorcoaches, compact minibuses, and a variety of bus options in between, meaning we can always find the perfect bus for your transportation needs. No matter where your production takes you, your transportation coordinators can count on us to get you there with ease! Our team is available 24/7 at (415) 902-8542 to help you set up your production travel services.

Shuttle Crew Members on Set

Working on a multi-acre lot? We’ll provide long-term shuttle services for cast members, crew members, and other essential staff to ensure that everyone meets their call times. Instead of leaving people to ride in open-air golf carts or walk in extreme hot or cold, you can offer a  climate-controlled minibus so that your cast and crew stays comfortable while they travel between makeup stations, personal trailers, cafeterias, and sets.

We can also extend service to nearby hotels or homes to ensure that everyone is connected to your production. If a long-term shuttle sounds like something your team needs, contact us at (415) 902-8542 or email us at

Arrange Your Company’s Behind-the-Scenes Tour

If you’re a touring company in need of a bus for a behind-the-scenes studio tour, DHarris Tours has you covered. We service some of the movie industry’s biggest markets, including Los AngelesPasadenaAtlantaNew York City, and more. We’ll keep your buses within each city’s limits or take your passengers out to the surrounding areas, depending on your tour’s specific stops. Both minibuses and full-sized charter buses are available-- just call our long-term shuttle experts at (415) 902-8542 to discuss what's best for your studio tour. 

Head to Location Surveys

Load your crew onto a minibus to scout nearby locations for your production. We’ll pick you up from the airport as soon as your plane lands and transport you to wherever you’d like to explore, whether it’s right in the city or in a remote location a few hours away. Panoramic windows allow you to take in your surroundings from the comfort of your bus as you travel through cities, mountains, deserts, and more varied locales.

On-board WiFi and power outlets help you to stay connected with the rest of your team and research your upcoming location while you travel–just be sure to request these amenities from your rental expert. While you explore, stay for as long as you’d like. Your driver will be ready to take you home when you’re finished.

Comfortable Amenities on Buses

Cast and crew members will love charter bus amenities such as plush seating, air-conditioning, WiFi, and overhead storage. If you’d like to add more features or you’re not sure which ones are best for you, one of our experienced reservation specialists can help you out.

Service Cast Parties with a Private Bus

Whether it’s for your final wrap party, a trip to lunch, or a quick happy hour after a day of shooting, a private bus is an efficient and exclusive way to transport cast and crew members away from the set. Your driver will arrive to pick everyone up from your predetermined location and transport you safely to nearby restaurants, clubs, and other attractions. After your gathering, everyone will be guaranteed a safe ride back with a personal driver servicing your group.

Exclusive Premiere Transportation

Arrange transportation for your film’s cast and crew to the premiere with a sleek and professional bus rental. Request an all-black exterior for a uniform and modern look, and we’ll outfit the interior with luxury amenities to keep passengers comfortable. On the bus there will be lots of space for passengers to relax and plenty of extra seats for makeup artists and other essential staff members. Overhead storage racks will keep the aisles free of clutter so that cast members can move straight to the red carpet when the time comes.

Getting Started

If you’re looking to rent a bus but you’re not sure where to begin, we’ve put together a few guides to help start your journey.

  • Start by reading our complete guide to charter bus rentals to find out why charter buses are a great option for group travel.
  • If you're feeling overwhelmed about the variety of bus types, check out our guide to choosing the best bus type for your group to see which bus you might want to rent.
  • Wondering about prices? Read our pricing guide to see what you can expect before you call and receive your free, personalized quote.

Our reservation specialists are available 24/7 to help guide you through the rental process. Give us a call today at (415) 902-8542 or (415) 902-8542 to secure transportation for your next trip!


Frequently Asked Questions

Your price will vary depending on multiple factors, such as location, how long you need the bus, and what type of bus you’re renting. Our reservation staff is available at (415) 902-8542 to provide you with a free quote!

Yes. Contact our team at (415) 902-8542 to discuss setting up a contract for ongoing services.

Yes. Our reservation specialists can discuss small vehicle options with you when you call us at (415) 902-8542.

Yes. Tell your reservation specialist that you have a color request, and we can find the right bus for you.

Rates are most often calculated per hour, except in cases of multi-day trips. Your reservation specialist will break down your quote when you call to book your bus.

Yes. We require a 5-hour minimum for all trips booked.

We always recommend booking as far in advance as possible. 3-6 months in advance is typically enough time for us to make sure your perfect bus is available.

You can reserve as many buses as you need at one time. Our team can put together a fleet that’s just right for you.

Most of the time, yes. Let your reservation specialist know in advance if you plan to eat or drink on your bus. You will be charged a minimum of $250 as a cleaning fee if your bus is returned messy.

You and your driver may negotiate break times, but drivers cannot work for more than 10 consecutive hours without taking a mandatory 8-hour break.

A variety of amenities are available, such as climate controls, power outlets, WiFi, overhead storage, and more. See our list of buses we charter to check which amenities are available on individual models.

If your reservation spans multiple days, you’ll need to find overnight accommodations for your driver. Providing food and drink is always appreciated, but never required. We also recommend tipping your driver 10-20% of the overall cost of your trip to thank them for a job well done.

Yes. A deposit of 30% is required after you’ve booked your bus(es).

Your full balance is due 30 days before the first day you need your bus.

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